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1. IFAR aims to realise its purpose inter alia by the following activities:

  • Connecting the global aviation research community worldwide
  • Serving as a venue for information exchange and communication, e.g. by its Summits, by conducting meetings, workshops and conferences, hosting internet forums, etc.)
  • Developing among its Members a shared understanding on a common set of key challenges faced by the global aviation research community;
  • Developing views and recommendations, e.g. the IFAR Framework Document, to inform on future research strategies and – where appropriate – to develop a combined research strategy for the future; the Framework Document may inter alia be based on:
    • a comparison of existing goals/objectives;
    • an inventory of possible concepts or technologies which could be developed to accomplish certain objectives.
  • Publishing and disseminating information (e.g. via webpage, flyers, publications, conferences)
  • Issuing IFAR views and recommendations and give advice on aviation topics; the purpose of issuing such views and recommendations is to define trends in aeronautics research and/or inform emerging regulations; views and recommendations are not meant as binding guidance to individual IFAR members.

2. Within IFAR, IFAR Members aim to exchange information and plans concerning aviation research activities, and identify and evaluate options for new opportunities for cooperation and applying the results of aviation research. Any specific cooperative activities will be implemented through specific separate agreements between the concerned Members.