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IFAR Summit meetings 
  • Annually, principals from IFAR members convene at an IFAR Summit meeting. This event promotes the networking and information exchange of members as well as sets and endorses the IFAR goals and activities for the coming year. A Summit may establish technical and non technical expert groups for IFAR activities of high interest.
IFAR Leadership team
  • The IFAR Leadership team consists of IFAR Chair, IFAR Vice-Chair, IFAR Past Chair (rotaiting members with a term of two years), IFAR Founding member organisation (DLR) and IFAR Founder.
  • Every two years the IFAR Chair and IFAR Vice-Chair are elected by the IFAR Summit.
IFAR Secretariat 
  • IFAR activities are supported by the IFAR Secretariat.
IFAR Steering Committee 
  • For technical and organizational matters supporting the activities between Summits and reporting to the members of the Summit.
  • Membership: a representative from each IFAR members, including the the IFAR Secretariat.
 IFAR Working groups and initiatives
  • There are several technical and non technical working groups and initiatives where interested members collbaorate.